There is beauty in their temporariness. Sneak insider knowledge of these favorite local spots that happen only every so often.

1 New York Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

Rendezvous with living plant collections charmingly arranged in gardens and landscapes. Visit the largest garden in the United States while enjoying a variety of programming and education. During the late summer and fall, bask in the botanicals full beauty.

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2 SummerStage & More


Central Park's concert series is a must-see. CityParks Foundation SummerStage features everything from Shakespeare on the Park to the much anticipated Global Citizens Festival in September.

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3 The MET Roof Installation


Sometimes the most obvious is the most alluring. The 2021 MET roof installation might be something you were already planning, but insiders know to check this spot out annually in the warmer months.

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4 New York Burlesque Festival


We like to be a bit off kilter. This fall won’t you join us in something off the beaten path and marvelously outrageous? New York Burlesque Festival starts September 30th through October 3rd, and you are in for a spectacular time with a variety of performances by New York Icons. Tickets available on the new York burlesque website.

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